Corporate Fitness Programs

Welcome to the best Corporate Fitness Membership Program in Stamford. Our corporate fitness programs are designed to meet the objectives of the corporation, as well as the health, fitness and recreational needs of each employee. The Stamford Athletic Club offers a combination of corporate fitness programs, benefits and services, including:

  • Special corporate fitness membership rates
  • A wide range of fitness activities, programs and services that support employee wellness and morale initiatives
  • Professional, certified training staff available for one on one coaching
  • Preferred corporate member pricing for team building and special events

Heart Zone Training

Train smarter, not harder is our motto.

This program is a completely personalized exercise program offering individually tailored cardio fitness programming for all people, fitness levels and activities.

Understanding your heart rate zones allows you to maximize your workout time and increase its effectiveness. Whether you are seeking to lose weight, run faster in races, get stronger, or simply have a healthy heart. Training smarter with your heart zones can help you reach your goals, perhaps for the very first time.

Personal Training

The Secret to Your Fitness Success
Getting Results… it’s the #1 reason people join our club.

Nothing improves your quality of life more than being healthy, fit, confident and passionate about each and every day.

If you have set a goal to lose weight, prepare for sports, prevent disease, eliminate stress, gain more energy and confidence or just to look and feel better than before, having the right coach and support is key.??The Commitment and Accountability between you and your certified trainer is the Ultimate Secret to Fitness Success. Our trainers are available 90 hours a week to help you experience personal fitness rewards.

Why not invest in a healthier you? Ask Us How!